Automotive: McDonalds Charging Station, Looking Back At The Pontiac Stinger

Further to McDonald’s “green” prototype restaurant in Chicago and now we see the burger chain is attempting to expand its positive, environmental footprint. In addition to the eco-friendly policies like LED light fixtures, drought resistant plants and special hybrid parking – the new Golden Arches opening July 14th in Cary, North Carolina will feature an electric vehicle charging station, part of NovaCharge’s ChargePoint Network – a connected model that provides subscription-based access.
mcdonalds charging station chicago

Pontiac Stinger – The Car That Could Have Saved Detroit
Pre-dating blockbusting lifestyle vehicles like the Honda Element by a full decade the Pontiac Stinger had the concept, look and the spec list of today’s Gen-Y/Tween hits. Where would Detroit – and more importantly, American consumer culture – be today if it had been Green-lit?!…

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