Social Ideas Not Social Media

Gareth Kay is a very clever bloke (and not just coz he wears glasses). He just wrote a nice piece entitled “Social Ideas not Social Media”. The mighty Gaz opines: “So, let’s stop obsessing about social media and worry instead about what’s important. While social media channels fade in and out of social significance (was it only two or three years ago that Second Life was the channel we were all talking about), social ideas are timeless in their power. There’s two types of ideas in the world – social ideas and anti-social ideas. And it’s plain to me that those ideas that contribute positively culture are the ones that are going to help build business.”


I have been harping on about “adding value” through brand communications for some time now, and its always good to see someone smart articulating the same thoughts … albeit in a rather more thoughtful and articulate way than yours truly!

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Chrome IP, Zappo’s Employees

  • Gizmodo point to a scary clause in the new Google Chrome Browser end license user agreement that looks like it says Google owns everything you publish and create while using Chrome. Hmmm. This does not look good, but hopefully someone will come along and explain that this does not mean what it seems to.
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  • Every year, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sites, publishes a “culture book.” Three hundred pages in length, the book includes written — and often gushy — testimonials from employees about what it means to work at “Our Zappos culture is truly the best work experience I have ever encountered,” writes Chris V. “As a new employee of the company, I was blown away by how amazing the company really was. When I started I felt so unreal,” notes David J. And on and on and on — you get the idea.

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Change The World Or Go Home (Yeah, you!)

This is a great deck/ inspiration piece from the Purple PontificatorPiers Fawkes. I was going to tag it and let it show up in “Links for…”, but I decided it needed a post of its own for all my readers (that’s you, mother) to enjoy.

Says Piers: “when I first look at the title I feel like it’s not my place to make such grand statements – but then I look at it again, I think to myself, ‘yeah – that’s what I want to do’. I run PSFK in all its manifestations to make things better.”

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