Death and Life of TV

The Death And Life Of Television
A post I missed from The Ad Contrarian: “Even though people have the opportunity to watch video on their computers and cellphones, TV accounts for 99 percent of all video consumed in 2008…” Interesting point of view and an unarguable stat (there are many more in the article). Except: what are people watching and how are they watching it on “TV” – in its many forms? I don’t think we should return to the TV-Centric dystopia of th3 50s-90s, but neither should we discount TVs undoubted power. I wonder if the Contrarian was railing against :30 ads back in the day they were the advertisers’ default choice?

death and life of tv

DVRs: Not quite such a threat after all
According to the most recent estimates from Nielsen, nearly one-third of all television households have a DVR, and the device is far from its saturation point. Still, media people may not need to fear a huge dropoff in commercial viewing due to time-shifted viewing.

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