Brand Extension: Burger King

Ah … I think I smell the work of Crispin. Is this a bit pointless? That said I should add that I am slightly jealous. I never succeeded in persuading a client to create a spoofy brand extension (Brawny check shirt anyone?).

Burger King Fails With BK Boxers
Of Burger King Boxers’ inclusion on TippingSprung’s Best Innovations & Worst Line Extensions survey, Laura Ries told BrandWeek, “While people love the Whopper, they don’t want to parade around in underwear that says, ‘This is where my big, fat ass came from.'” According to the survey, 45.5 percent thought the Burger King underwear line extension was the single most inappropriate line extension. Also topping the list were Kellogg’s hip-hop street wear and Kanye West’s travel site.

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