New Rules for Brands, Experiential Marketing

The New Rules of Brand Competition
Functional: go from “product feature” to “solution-based” thinking
Social: make your brand a celebrity that is fanned, friended, and followed. Or, create a thematic environment around a value shared by your brand and its customers (e.g. Dove and “the real meaning of beauty”)
Self-expressive: the brand must stand for something so clearly understood, it is cultural currency
Content: become the logical and top of mind source for content centered on what your brand is about.

1950s ad

Marketers finally “get” experiential stunts
Trevelers at Liverpool Street Station in London were surprised one morning last January when several hundred commuters, rather than scurrying onto their trains, started dancing. A day and a half later, the routine, captured by hidden cameras, showed up during a break in the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother.” The seemingly spontaneous performance turned out to have been an advertising stunt for T-Mobile, a wireless telephone network that used it for a campaign built around the slogan “Life’s for Sharing.”


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