Burberry: From Runway to Shopping Cart

Online Shoppers Skip Middleman During Fashion Week

Burberry, the British design house, will not only stream its women’s runway show live from London, but also will allow anyone with a computer and a credit card to order the merchandise as models strut in it.

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Mashup: Historypin v Google Maps

Historypin, created by the social movement We Are What We Do, who are partners with Google, is a virtual time machine that allows users to take a peek at what the world looked like way back when. The website, which launched in London in June 2010 uses Google Maps and Street View tech and hopes to become the largest user-generated archive of historical images.

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Design: London’s New Bus

When it comes to mayors of London, I was and am a fan of Ken Livingstone, and think Boris Johnson is a loveable buffoon. That said, I am a fan of the Routemaster, and not fond of the “bendy bus”.  I was therefore relieved to hear that British transport chiefs have announced the design of the new double-decker bus which is inspired by the decommissioned Routemaster. With its rounded corners and hop-on hop-off-door, Routemasters became a British icon over the 50 years of service it gave after its launch in the 1950s.
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Pop Ups: Jack Spade in L.A., Prada in Paris, Anna Sui at Target

I think experiential marketing can be particularly effective for the right situation, and now I read about a Jack Spade Pop Up in LA:
“The hardworking brand’s latest pop-up is now open in L.A.’s Apartment Number 9, where it is offering a full range of accessories and making the West Coast debut of its first apparel collection. A wide range of contributors and collaborators from secondhand hounds like Reference Library’s Andy Beach and our buddy (and Spade alum) Mister Mort to comedienne Phyllis Diller have curated a selection of vintage goods, including, in the spirit of fun, comedy albums and Halloween costumes. Spade stays in residence until, appropriately enough, October 31. Jack Spade at Apartment Number 9, 9877 Little Santa Monica Blvd., L.A.”
jack spade matt singer
Well done to Matt and the team!
jack spade los angeles
This summer, however, Pop Ups popped up in Paris, something of shock in a traditionalist culture like France, with openings by Maria Cornejo and Uniqlo, though the store of the moment was very much Prada’s remarkable “Brief Boutique”. Inspired by Pont Mirabeau, the store’s huge photo facade features the same charming rusty green arches of the 1893 steel bridge on the Seine. Its entrance door is flanked by a photomontage of two of Mirabeau’s key statues – Le Commerce and Abundance, by sculptor Jean-Antonin Injalbert. The brainchild of architect Roberto Baciocchi, the store will close late December, when Prada’s Left Bank flagship, also by Baciocchi, reopens after renovation. Prada also opened a one-week version last year for Art Basel and created London’s coolest temporary nightclub, The Double Club, a restaurant-bar-dance-floor, created by the Italian label’s special events maestro Jan Kennedy, where 75,000 hipsters came to dine in just six months.
prada paris
Amid all the complete and utter chaos that was yesterday’s Fashion’s Night Out, Anna Sui’s pop-up shop for Target (featuring designs inspired by characters on Gossip Girl) might have faded into the background of all the fashion Bacchanalia. However, there was no sign of that as people waited in line throughout the day for a glimpse of what can only be described as a goth meets Alice In Wonderland themed girl’s boudoir.
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RKCR/ Y&R v Small Business

I used to work with Rainey Kelly in the old days … before they sold to Y&R (and they were so small I actually got to work with MT and Jim). Obvously they did rather well!
Small businesses in Camden are getting free advertising advice from RKCR/Y&R for the rest of this week. The agency has set up shop to offer free consultations and executions to local traders, stall holders and other independent retailers. Armed with pens, pads and Macs, the RKCR team are hoping their efforts will help businesses drum up a few extra customers during the credit crunch.
Last week, London’s RKCR/Y&R went hyper-local, applying creative expertise honed on clients such as Virgin, BBC, Land Rover and Marks & Spencer to Polish Chap Who Sells Dumplings, local band Dead on TV, the Camden Arms pub and about 25 other neighborhood entrepreneurs. For the week of Aug. 24, RKCR/Y&R set up a pop-up agency, RKCR/Y&R Local, a few blocks from its HQ in Camden Town and offered its creative and strategic services to local small businesses and sellers in the Camden markets. The pop-up concept is part of an ongoing program created by RKCR/Y&R and facilitated by Camden Town Unlimited, an organization of local business owners with a mandate to boost the area’s commercial fortunes.

Crowdsourcing: Isobar’s Fiat Fired Up, Crispin’s Brammo Backfires, Unilever Fires Lowe’s

Fiat is building a consumer-generated car in Brazil, using input gathered through social media to inform everything from the automobile’s design to its marketing communications. Working with Sao Paulo-based AgenciaClick, part of Aegis Group‘s Isobar network of digital agencies, Fiat started a website this month requesting ideas for the work-in-progress Fiat Mio. “We’re inviting Brazilian consumers to invent the concept car that Fiat will exhibit in the Salao do Automovel, Sao Paulo’s auto show, in October 2010,” said Abel Reis, AgenciaClick’s president and chief operating officer.
Most of Crispin’s clients seem rather pleased to stir up controversy. And this article is proof that their campaigns get attention. But a new company like Brammo can’t be terribly pleased that right out of the gate, they’ve been accused, by association, of being anti-design cheap skates.
crispin porter brammo fail
For some time, marketers have been using ad contests as one-off PR ploys for their brands. Now, Unilever is testing whether crowdsourcing can be a long-term strategy for one of its British brands — and the result could have far-reaching consequences for any number of agencies on the consumer-goods giant’s roster. Just ask Lowe, London, which was recently sacked by Unilever on its Peperami snack brand so that the marketer can run a contest to find ad ideas. Unilever is offering a $10,000 bounty to the winner of a competition to find TV and print ideas for the meat snack popular with schoolchildren.
peperami crowdsourcing
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Augmented Reality: Metatags, Business Cards, Navigation Apps

Metaio’s Augmented Reality Metatags
Metaio’s code lets users leave AR notes, Tweets, images or even 3-D animations tagged to real world places, using a mix of geotagging, smartphone cameras and other Location-Based Service techniques. Other users, when viewing the world through a Metaio-enabled AR smartphone browser, would be able to discover the tag–and can even share it via a Facebook plugin.

Augmented Reality Business Cards
Augmented Reality Cards: No need to worry about folks with whom you’ve networked having to search their groggy memory of the night before. James Alliban, currently employed at Sky Creative in London, came up with a way to make it easier for people to put a face to a name. Using augmented reality technology, Alliban printed a grid of 3D colored panels that, when placed in front of a webcam, makes it appear as if a blocky version of himself is popping out of the paper card. As seen in this video, the digital Alliban talks a little bit about his resume, directs card-bearers to his blog, and plays around with his hands in a way reminiscent of David Blaine. Granted, not everyone has the skills to hack their business cards, but we can see this becoming a trend in the near future as more people leverage technology to stand out from the crowd.

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality is coming soon to a life near you, thanks to the latest crop of sensor-equipped smartphones. Navigation is, perhaps, the most natural fit between AR and useful technology. Simply put, when you’re going somewhere, you need to know both where you are and where you’re going. You often need both pieces of information when you’re someplace unfamiliar and don’t know quite what your destination looks like. Cue AR: A technology that’s intimately tied with your location and that can access information sources that will improve your understanding of how to reach your destination.
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Gareth Kay Going To Goodby!

Goodby Hires Modernista!’s Kay for Digital
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has hired Gareth Kay as its new director of digital strategy. Kay is shifting to the San Francisco shop from Modernista!, where he was head of planning. He served at the Boston agency for six years after moving to the U.S. from London, where he worked at Lowe. Kay replaces Hashem Bajwa, who left Goodby in May to join TBWA as part of a clutch of “digital artists” brought in to supercharge its efforts in new media.”

Good luck Gareth!


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Bittman Returns

Saatchi N.Y. Taps Bittman for New Business
My old mate Ben Bittman has made a triumphant return to NY agencyland: Saatchi & Saatchi New York has filled its top new business development post with Benjamin Bittman, a former global network director at M&C Saatchi in London. Bittman, 33, who looks a bit like Wolverine off the X-Men, becomes chief marketing officer at his new shop, reporting to both New York managing director Michael Zuna and Mary Baglivo, who is CEO of the office as well as the Americas region.”

There were some rather cruel (yet occasionally funny) comments on the AdWeek post:
– “Planet of the Apes called. They want their wig back.”
– “The popped collar and soul-glo are troubling… hopefully he’s a good guy.”
– “Chewbacca, you shaved your face!”
Ben’s a good guy and will take them in his stride I am sure.
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New Rules for Brands, Experiential Marketing

The New Rules of Brand Competition
Functional: go from “product feature” to “solution-based” thinking
Social: make your brand a celebrity that is fanned, friended, and followed. Or, create a thematic environment around a value shared by your brand and its customers (e.g. Dove and “the real meaning of beauty”)
Self-expressive: the brand must stand for something so clearly understood, it is cultural currency
Content: become the logical and top of mind source for content centered on what your brand is about.

1950s ad

Marketers finally “get” experiential stunts
Trevelers at Liverpool Street Station in London were surprised one morning last January when several hundred commuters, rather than scurrying onto their trains, started dancing. A day and a half later, the routine, captured by hidden cameras, showed up during a break in the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother.” The seemingly spontaneous performance turned out to have been an advertising stunt for T-Mobile, a wireless telephone network that used it for a campaign built around the slogan “Life’s for Sharing.”


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