Touchscreen: Mac Coffee Table, Razorfish

Mac Coffee Table : Apple has yet to introduce the long speculated MacBook Tablet, but ask any angry engineering or graphic art student,and they’ll tell you the release of one would change their life. Well, a few revolting geeks of Switzerland‘s Cosm!k’ Art Deco Team couldn’t wait any longer and decided to make their own. By fitting a flat screen and an Apple iBook G4 laptop into a coffee table, they’ve created a coffee table jukebox with synched visualizers. It can also play DVDs in the side, or you can pull out the wireless keyboard and mouse and use it as a (somewhat) normal computer. Okay, so it’s not quite the touch tablet, but who knew it was so much fun to watch movies on a coffee table?
mac coffee table
The new Razorfish Touch Framework software is designed to simplify the creation of touch-based advertising experiences that work on multiple Microsoft Windows-based platforms and surfaces including retail kiosks, window displays and mobile devices, said Jonathan Hull, director of Razorfish Emerging Experiences, the team that created it. Razorfish has been demonstrating applications of the Razorfish Touch Framework for more than a year, but only now is offering the software for licensing by its clients.
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New Microsoft Stores Look Exactly How You Would Expect…

A highly detailed proposal for Microsoft‘s stores leaked online late Friday afternoon, and if it’s real, Redmond’s first foray into retail appears to be following the usual Microsoft formula … copy what Apple is doing and make it uncool. Oh and put a Surface table in.  Microsoft’s take on retail is exactly what you’d expect. The PowerPoint presentation (naturally) takes us on a journey of “Emily” through the Microsoft retail experience. Highlights include: an “Answer Bar,” a massive video wall around the whole store, community areas, and of course, plenty of computers to play with “Microsoft’s innovative technology.” Errr … OK …
microsoft store
microsoft store 2
microsoft store 3
Photos from Gizmodo.
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Google v Microsoft

Google is launching a new operating system for the PC which it hopes will release Microsoft’s near monopoly of the market. Google already has been creating competitive software products with Google Docs that offer web-based alternatives to Microsoft’s Word and Excel. Now they will launch Chrome Operating System that will go up against Windows.
Microsoft has upped the stakes in its competition with Google as it unveils a free web-based version of its Office software due next year, and hints of a wildcard in the works — a free streaming music service for UK users to be released by the end of the month. Office 2010 will include very basic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote when it rolls off the production line early 2010.
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Women Prefer Apple, Young People Prefer Microsoft?

Does rather beg the question “what about young women then?” That said: we read that:
“Apple ranks as the top technology brand among women in the US, who were asked which tech brand or company they admired most, according to a study from Solutions Research Group (SRG). Apple was followed by Sony, Microsoft, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP).”
“The Laptop Hunters commercial campaign that Microsoft is pushing seems to be working. Young people in the 18-34 demographic see a laptop running Microsoft Windows as a better value for the money than an Apple laptop running OSX. Apple had dominated consumer mindshare in the winter, but has since fallen behind Microsoft.”
microsoft v apple
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PS I am still fascinated by the The Apple Tablet. “More evidence of the Apple Tablet surfaced today. We first wrote about the device at the end of last year when OEMs in China started hearing about the device. Details are still thin, although probably not because of a lack of leaks. Rather, Apple may still be locking down important specs like screen size.”
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Crispin, Twitdoc, Chinese Ugly Betty, 3D

Crispin Intern Auction Gets $17,65
From Alex Bogusky (bogusky) on Twitter: “Intern Auction ended. Winning bid was $17,655. Congrats to the winner and the interns. Stand by for more info on the winning client.”

crispin interns

Twitter isn’t only for sharing links and news – with TwitDoc users can now share documents, from PDFs to Microsoft Office docs. Simply enter your account and choose the document or photo you want to send, attach text and blast the document into Twitterverse.
As it goes into its third season as a smash TV hit across the mainland, the Chinese version of “Ugly Betty” is also pioneering new levels of product-placement clutter. The show is set in an advertising agency rather than a fashion magazine, which enables the program to focus on all manner of products and their attributes. Mateo Eaton, who heads the branded-content division of Mindshare North Asia, acknowledged that the dense placements are a bit over the top, but advertisers — and the TV producers they’re paying — aren’t complaining at all.
Artist John Pugh creates fantastic trompe l’oeil murals on the sides of buildings that look as if they are exposing a 3D fantasy world inside. Mail Online has a gallery of his work.
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