Experiential: The National Pop Up

The National pops up …
In-demand indie band the National helped build buzz for the release of their fifth album, High Violet, by taking a page from the pop-up retail playbook (WSJ.com 5.8.10). For five nights starting the day of their new album’s release, the Brooklyn band and various artsy pals took over a previously vacant storefront on East Fourth Street, redubbing it the High Violet Annex. The 150-person capacity space was transformed into a free-flowing event featuring rotating live music performances, art exhibits and movie screenings. Details of just what was going down in the space on any given night were purposely kept scarce to maximize the need-to-be-there factor and build up word-of-mouth buzz.

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C.C. Chapman Sells Out! (In a good way)

I have been meaning to blog about The Advance Guard being bought by Campfire for a few days. I think the two companies have been collaborating for a while and I am sure CC knows what he is doing, so well done all round. Apparently  Steve Coulson and C.C. Chapman (both Crayon refugees) will now transition into creative director roles at Campfire. I am sure they will be “cooking up” something great before long.

the advance guard campfire

In this photo from their website, C.C. and Steve have wisely let the more photogenic Victoria take center stage. 😉

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