Experiential: The National Pop Up

The National pops up …
In-demand indie band the National helped build buzz for the release of their fifth album, High Violet, by taking a page from the pop-up retail playbook (WSJ.com 5.8.10). For five nights starting the day of their new album’s release, the Brooklyn band and various artsy pals took over a previously vacant storefront on East Fourth Street, redubbing it the High Violet Annex. The 150-person capacity space was transformed into a free-flowing event featuring rotating live music performances, art exhibits and movie screenings. Details of just what was going down in the space on any given night were purposely kept scarce to maximize the need-to-be-there factor and build up word-of-mouth buzz.

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People: Dr. Dan Ivankovich

An inspiring story forwarded to me by my good friend Steve Ivankovich (admittedly about his “little” brother) … Dan Ivankovich was profiled by CBS for their “American Spirit” segment.

“His work takes him to Chicago‘s meanest streets. But at seven feet tall, cruising in his 500-horsepower Dodge and wearing black leather — he knows no fear. He may spend some nights playing the blues with his band, but by day, Dan Ivankovich is all business: a bone doctor with a heart as big as his frame. [Dr Dan Ivankovich] has a policy: treat first, charge later. Doing as many as 800 surgeries per year, half of his patients are uninsured.”

Truly inspiring. Watch the video here.

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United Untied

Singer gets his revenge on United Airlines and soars to fame
United Breaks Guitars has become a YouTube sensation and provided Dave Carroll with the biggest hit of his career. The song – which chronicles his vain year-long attempt to win compensation from United – has had almost 4m hits on YouTube and fans have been clamouring for the song at gigs where his band, Sons of Maxwell, has performed.Once the video appeared and became a YouTube hit, United sat up and took notice. It offered to pay the cost of repairing his guitar and flight vouchers worth $1,200 (£700) but he told the airline to donate the sum to charity. “They definitely want this to go away,” he said.

A disgruntled United Airlines customer who has received massive media coverage by making a music video about baggage handlers breaking his guitar is about to release a second ditty, which covers how United stonewalled his complaint. Canadian professional musician Dave Carroll unleashed his attack on the airline in the format of humourous country song ‘United Breaks Guitars’ on YouTube on July 6.
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That which was tutt is cool again… Anxious Intervals and The Trough…

Cultural Cycles of Attention: Where In Time To Find the Next Big Thing
Musician and cultural commentator Nick Currie has written an essay explaining his theory of cultural attention. Currie illustrates how cultural cycles of revival and neglect work, pointing out where in history to look for the next new (old) thing.

anxious interval

Jason Kottke points us to some interesting thoughts about an object’s value cycle. For many things (photo negatives, vinyl records, old computers) there is a treacherous “trough of no value” between when they are new and when they become collectible and valuable. The article explains how, through craftsmanship and design, lasting value can be built into objects to shorten, or eliminate this low value period.
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2008: The “Best Of” Begins …

The end of year retrospectives are pouring in. AdAge have started the ball rolling with a slew of “Best Ofs” … here is my pick of their picks…

I maybe a mainly digital guy these days (hey, who ain’t?) but I still love magazines. Here are Adage’s cover picks for 2008.

“Nonvideo Ad Efforts”
Ah yes. Who doesn’t love a good “Nonvideo Ad Effort”. Disappointing that Creativity doesn’t know what to call these things … I am finding myself much more “jazzed” (did I say that aloud?) by the so called “non video” efforts than by the spots…

dexter billboard

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Social Media: Dido, Elf Yourself

Flogging a dead horse? Well I guess that means its working … now with bigger logo! (It works for Macs now, which is nice …) I assume this is the annual seasonal offering from Anne Bologna’s and Ari Merkin‘s Toy New York.
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