Tiger Woods vs Sponsorship

Accenture ends Tiger Woods sponsorship deal
The giant management consultancy firm Accenture has ended its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, saying the golfer is “no longer the right representative”. Woods has been engulfed in a media storm since a disturbance outside his house two weeks ago. He has since admitted being unfaithful to his wife.

Tiger Woods sponsors AT&T, Gillette limit tarnished golfer’s role in campaigns amid sex scandal
Tiger Woods is facing an ugly split after a long and happy relationship – with his sponsors. Corporate giants AT&T and Gillette distanced themselves Saturday from the world’s best-known golfer/philanderer, raising questions about Woods’ multimillion-dollar advertising appeal. Gillette announced it will cut back on Woods’ marketing role as the golfer focuses on his home life.

The Tiger Woods tumult continues as Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is now apparently cooling its relationship with the beleagured golfer. According to reports, Tag Heuer nixed their line of ads featuring Woods sporting their “Link” watch line. Adding insult to injury, the brand has not only removed in-store ads featuring Woods from stores Down Under but it’s canceled plans for the golfer to help design a line of upscale titanium “Professional Golf” watches.
Tiger Woods has lost his spot as the face of consultancy Accenture and has been at least temporarily pulled from Gillette ads following the golfer’s tabloid turn. Nike, PepsiCo and AT&T have indicated they would wait for Woods resumes his golf career before considering their association with the star. For Accenture, the situation points to the perils of adopting a marketing strategy so bound up with the fortunes of a single celebrity spokesman.
Here’s a look at how Tiger Woods’ top current sponsors are reacting to the golfer’s indefinite break from the sport, a move his spokesmen said he made so he can fix his marriage:

Tag Heuer stands by Tiger Woods (guardian.co.uk)

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Bogusky: Baked In v Half Baked

Joe Ciarallo recently interviewed David Steel, SVP of marketing at Samsung, about merging communications and product development. This practice (or theory) is also the subject of Alex Bogusky and John Winsor’s “Baked In: Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves”.
The LA Times missed the point a bit … asserting that the  “Ad guys’ new book is self-glorifying and half-baked”. AdFreak weren’t keen either.
For my money, it gets to the heart of one of the simple things many agencies ignore.  The worlds of product development and marketing should not be artificially separated.  You can create a much more powerful business and brand when you bake marketing directly in to the product. This has created things like Nike+ and Help Remedies and has revitalized brands like Domino’s to name but a few.
You can buy the book here and read the mandatory Twitter feed here.
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Nike+ Fuel TV

Nike Stages a Takeover of Fuel TV for 6.0 Line
To promote its 6.0 line of action-sports gear this month, Nike is establishing a major promotional beachhead on Fuel TV, the News Corp.-owned cable outlet geared towards skaters, surfers and bikers. The deal allows the sportswear company to dominate the network for a set period of time.


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Nike vs Social Media

Razorfish recently created a robust widget called “illvill”, which acts like a backpack for the 6.0 kid aggregating all of their favorite sport content into one place where they can view, upload their own video, comment on other user videos posted and even chat with each other.

Nike is proving that if the volume and quality of your content is there, it’s worth widgetising. They have also employed online display for an extra push.

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