Mashups … Old Skool v New Skool

Once a nerd always a nerd I always say. (And I don’t use that term pejoratively!) Two examples of user-generated mashups … one for good old Doctor Who (recreating the lost episodes) and one from Playstation (build your own game level).

Fans Reconstruct Doctor Who’s Trashed Past

‘Though the archives destroyed the videotapes of the lost shows, the audio tracks remain. The “Beeb” offers narrated audio productions of the lost stories. In addition, the section of BBC’s website covering classic Doctor Who offers free photo novels using the old programs’ original scripts and still photographs taken during production. So, some industrious fans took it upon themselves to fill in the gaps. Borrowing the audio tracks, they merge their own visuals to reconstruct the missing story — sharing the videos freely on services such as YouTube.’

LittleBigPlanet Transforms Players Into DIY Gods
LBP, out in October for PlayStation 3 allows players to design and build their own game levels, with unique objects and challenges. Unlike the abstruse 3-D design and physics programming that most game development requires, this experience is meant to be as simple, intuitive, and addictive as the gameplay. “We’re all really into music,” says Alex Evans, cofounder of the game’s developer, Media Molecule, “and we see this as a form of jamming.” People have used the tools to create musical instruments, as well as tanks, slingshots, and gigantic monsters that make my crude effort look pathetic. (Sony used the game in lieu of Power Point at a recent press conference.) Best of all, LittleBigPlanet lets anyone upload and share their works as easily as YouTube clips.

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