New Business Models: Instructables, Popcuts

  • A new restaurant project has joined the crowdsourcing fray: Arne Hendriks is asking fellow members of Instructables to participate in creating a restaurant in Amsterdam. In his words: “I will open an open-source restaurant that is completely made of, and only serves food based on the original instructables all the members on have made or will make. I mean, every chair, dishwasher, menu card, light etc and all the food, will together be the restaurant. And I would like to ask you guys for your brilliant, funny, original ideas concerning all aspects restauranty. Inside the restaurant everything will be presented with the original instruction and accreditation to the maker.”
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  • Popcuts is a new site that has a unique business model for its users. The approach essentially rewards trendsetters for spotting new music that later becomes popular. Let’s say you buy a song you like soon after the artist uploads it for the industry standard 99 cents; as it becomes popular you are rewarded for being an early fan and consumer. The credit you receive for your trend spotting is dependent on the point you jump on the bandwagon.