Google goes Trans-Siberian

Google Maps v Trans-Siberian Railway
The joint project between Google and the Russian Railways guides virtual travelers on a detailed tour along the famous route where you can see Moscow, the Khekhtsirsky range, the Yenisei river, Vladivostok and many other views of Russia without leaving the comfort of your house. During the trip, experience classic Russian literature and stories that accompany sites along the route. Make sure to select audio and hear the rumble of the wheels to complete the trip.

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Outdoor: Moscow Billboards

Moscow Starts to Tackle Billboard Buildup
A boom in outdoor advertising since the Soviet Union‘s collapse in 1991 has turned Moscow into one of Europe’s largest billboard markets, transforming parts of the city into a Times Square-style patchwork of ads in all shapes and sizes.
The spreading ad clutter, particularly in historic and tourist districts, embarrasses many Muscovites. Even the local ad industry generally agrees that the rapid proliferation of billboards in recent years has diluted the effectiveness of its messages. And many industry executives would prefer to find a better balance.


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Mother’s Feature, Russian Priapism, Third Act