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Can User-Generated Content Change Your World?

Every day, user-generated content (UGC) is part of the online experience of millions of US Internet users. From entertainment to communications to e-commerce, consumers are taking charge of the creation, distribution and consumption of digital content. And it’s growing. Up from 83 million in 2008, eMarketer estimates the number of UGC creators will grow to 115 million in 2013.

Few automotive brands know how to tap into the urban art scene like Scion, the hip entry-level marque by Toyota USA. Recently, Scion teamed up with Giant Robot Magazine and Japanese artist Shin Tanaka to offer the artist’s signature cut and fold paper toys in the magazine’s issues 56, 57 and soon to be released 58, which hits newsstands on 9 February, 2009. One of Tanaka’s paper robots is included in each issue. Readers who pick up all three issues can assemble the “4-in-1 Robot” commissioned by Scion.
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