Alex Bogusky Fears Only Mediocrity

If you have to be afraid of something, then fear mediocrity. Some very well written and inspiring advice from Alex Bogusky. Based on a conversation with what sounds like Ari Merkin, he also outlines some of his precepts for success in new business.

1.       Tell other people your dreams.

2.       The clients you currently have are your true new business machine

3.       Find some real passion in the building for the business or take a pass on it.

4.       Don’t model yourself after other agencies. Stop stealing all the decks from other shops to find a great pitch.

fear only mediocrity

I am definitely a fan of Crispin (who ain’t?) and while I haven’t always agreed with all Mr Bogusky’s opinions, this really struck a chord.

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    RKCR/ Y&R v Small Business

    I used to work with Rainey Kelly in the old days … before they sold to Y&R (and they were so small I actually got to work with MT and Jim). Obvously they did rather well!
    Small businesses in Camden are getting free advertising advice from RKCR/Y&R for the rest of this week. The agency has set up shop to offer free consultations and executions to local traders, stall holders and other independent retailers. Armed with pens, pads and Macs, the RKCR team are hoping their efforts will help businesses drum up a few extra customers during the credit crunch.
    Last week, London’s RKCR/Y&R went hyper-local, applying creative expertise honed on clients such as Virgin, BBC, Land Rover and Marks & Spencer to Polish Chap Who Sells Dumplings, local band Dead on TV, the Camden Arms pub and about 25 other neighborhood entrepreneurs. For the week of Aug. 24, RKCR/Y&R set up a pop-up agency, RKCR/Y&R Local, a few blocks from its HQ in Camden Town and offered its creative and strategic services to local small businesses and sellers in the Camden markets. The pop-up concept is part of an ongoing program created by RKCR/Y&R and facilitated by Camden Town Unlimited, an organization of local business owners with a mandate to boost the area’s commercial fortunes.

    Social Media: Overdrive Interactive

    Social Media Map by Overdrive Interactive
    Overdrive Interactive’s 2009 Social Media Map is available for download. They have made this Social Media Marketing resource available for free – just fill out their form below to receive a copy.


    While we’re at it, here’s some Social Media Reading from Gibson Design.
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