iPhone Apps: Gun, Zippo

The iPhone’s latest application, which turns the Apple phone into a mock firearm, has been dubbed “hugely irresponsible” by anti-gun campaigners who claim it glamorises gun culture. The application, available from Apple’s online store, places an image of a gun on the iPhone and emits a loud gunshot sound when the owner points and shakes it. Users can toggle a safety switch, pull a trigger, and reload virtual shells or bullets. Several different gun applications are available, from revolvers to shotguns, including a “gangsta edition”. The French developer Damabia describes one of the applications — Boom! Boom! –as recreating the “childhood game of playing cops and robbers”.

Zippo “Virtual Zippo Lighter” iPhone App Sparks Three Million Downloads
Zippo and Moderati today announced that their free iPhone app, the Virtual Zippo Lighter, has been downloaded over three million times since its release last October, making it one of the most popular and prevalent branded applications in the App Store’s history. The application is averaging about 100,000 new downloads per week. The Virtual Zippo Lighter, which brings the look and feel of Zippo’s iconic lighter to the iPhone, quickly rose to the Top Three in the App Store’s Top Free Apps list after it was initially released, and has maintained a steady position in the Top 40 over the last five months. Most apps have a shelf life of thirty days in the Top 40, making the Virtual Zippo Lighter’s “triple platinum” longevity even more impressive.


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Darmanogram, iPhone Car, Brooklyn Botanic, Brands Go Hollywood, $

Known for it’s off beat designs, Swiss automaker Rinspeed unveiled a new concept car that will be shown at the 2009 Geneva auto show. The Rinspeed ‘iChange’ has a ton of unique design ideas packaged in it. Gone are such mundane things as a key. Its role is filled by an Apple iPhone, which plugs into the dashboard and controls key vehicle functions
This Thursday, Brooklyn Industries is teaming up with the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to host an event in their NY and Chicago stores to celebrate plants. There will be raffles for plants, gardening books, and botanic garden memberships. Representatives from the garden will also be on hand to offer advice on resuscitating sunlight deprived houseplants back to life. Brooklyn Industries will launch their new spring 2009 line which is inspired by gardens and art. “Green” refreshments will be served. You can find details of the event here. Garden and fashion label, interesting pairing.
A slideshow on FastCompany.com highlights how far brands are going to get infused with popular entertainment. A review of eighteen “innovations” from CAA describes how the talent-turned-marketing agency goes about working with content makers and corporations to create a win-win for both parties. In the slideshow, we see examples that include how CAA helped Neutrogena introduce a 22-year-old Neutrogena scientist into LonelyGirl15; and how they “wove” Cisco, Acura, Microsoft and UPS into the plot of web series Gemini Division.

All About Money
Designboom has compiled a lengthy post all about currency design and artists who use monetary imagery in their work. They showcase money from around the world and explore artists who play with these powerful symbols of wealth. It’s an interesting look at the complex relationship we have with these little pieces of paper and metal.


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