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Man cannot live on accessories alone—at least Jack Spade, that jaunty (if fictional) avatar-about-town no longer can, as his eponymous company is debuting a menswear collection for Fall 2009. The apparel is a fitting counterpart to the brand’s bags: a polished prep take on the standards, from suiting and knits to khakis and casual shirting. The vibe is decidedly low-key—with some exceptions. The trad-ish gray suit (above) opens to reveal a silky, wine-colored lining, the kind of louche fabric Hef might select for his pajamas. Well, you know what they say: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Robin has put together a roundup of tools, resources and great advice to help you grow your network – in two groupings. The first group of links contain tools and advice on finding the people you want to connect with – colleagues and also those people who are the influentials in your areas. The second group serves up expert resources and advice to help you connect, build and nourish your network once you identify the right people.
Of the world’s 7,000 languages, 2,800 are on their way to extinction at a stunning rate of one every two weeks. A new documentary from Ironbound Films titled The Linguists follows the journey of two men – researchers K. David Harrison and Greg Anderson – as they trek across the globe attempting to preserve them.

New Culinary Movement Brewing in Brooklyn
These Brooklynites, most in their 20s and 30s, are hand-making pickles, cheeses and chocolates the way others form bands and artists’ collectives. They have a sense of community and an appreciation for traditional methods and flavors. They also share an aesthetic that’s equal parts 19th and 21st century, with a taste for bold graphics, salvaged wood and, for the men, scruffy beards.

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Social Media: Mint.com Bailout, Digital Influencers, Dell Twitters

The image above has been excerpted from a larger piece viewable on Mint.com – an online personal financial site – depicting the ongoing economic bailout. The visualization provides an easy way of identifying the flow of intangible concept like money and the real consequences of the actions being undertaken. In addition to providing the actual plan already in motion, the diagram explains two other theoretical scenarios that both reach the end goal of $700 billion – one from the perspective of the way the US Government normally spends and the other explores a scenario that doesn’t put the onus on taxpayers to foot the bill.

‘Digital Influencers’ Get Info from Magazines, TV First
Like, Duh? Evidently “Those all-important “digital influencers” actually get their information from magazines, newspapers, TV and radio. That’s according to an MS&L survey whose results will be released tomorrow. The study, developed by MS&L’s influencer-marketing unit IM, reveals that some 84% of digital influencers go online to find out more about something only after first reading about it in magazines and newspapers or hearing about it on TV or the radio.” I am utterly perplexed as to how anybody is surprised by this. No one lives in an exclusively digital world…

What Keeps Twitter Chirping Along
Dell says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the past year and a half through sale alerts. People who sign up to follow Dell on Twitter receive messages when discounted products are available at the company’s Home Outlet Store. They can click over to purchase the product or forward the information to others. “A million dollars isn’t a lot of money, but it shows that people want to sign up for feeds,” says Bob Pearson, head of communities and conversation for Dell.

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    Breaking Up On Twitter

    Michael Harper from Razorfish had a profound experience last night . He said was OK for me to share on this blog:

    “Last night I had the strangely compelling but deeply awkward experience of watching someone liveblogging the end of his relationship via twitter. You can watch the action from the bottom in the screengrab below… I find the progression, the unfolding to be very striking… as well, of course, as the fact that he did it on twitter. Not sure what I think about it (also not sure they’re going to stay broken up, being a romantic and an optimist) and I won’t muddle the experience with my own commentary, but it felt worth sharing.”


    I don’t know the protagonists and supporting cast, but it all strikes me as being a bit public (and a bit neurotic) … like when couples start having theatrical arguments in public, causing everyone around to wince with embarrassment. It makes me wonder if this is an extension of “offline” behavior by this couple, or a new behavior prompted by digitization …

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    Social Media: How To Use Twitter, Top 25 Free eBooks

    eBooks are an essential part of internet marketing from a standpoint of providing solid information on a given subject matter. eBooks are normally sold throughout the internet marketing world along with free versions that are meant as an additional value to the visitor or potential customer.
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