Isipho (i-see-poh) sprang from the determination of 13-year-old Miranda Lynch to do everything possible to improve the life of two-year–old Amahle Zuma, and other children in iNzinga. Miranda and Amahle met in the summer of 2008 when Miranda and her father, Tom, were in South Africa for vacation and decided to spend one week volunteering. They spent that week living in the remote village of iNzinga, living with the Zuma family, planting potatoes in communal gardens and working in schools.
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Pound World shop forced out of business by 99p store
Price-conscious customers deserted Pound World in Poole, Dorset when they realised that the same products were available 1p cheaper on the other side of the street. The discount shop did a brisk trade when it started business in June but sales fell by 70 per cent after 99p Stores opened last month. Now bosses have decided that they cannot compete, and the store shut down on Saturday. “It’s amazing we had to close because of a difference of just a penny,” Pound World manager Jamie Lang said.

Honda is bringing out three short films — a k a long commercials — to be watched online. The so-called webisodes, each about seven minutes, will be available, starting on Monday, at a Honda Web site (, under the rubric of the “Dream the Impossible documentary series.” Commercials that will serve as trailers for the short films, meant to drive traffic to the Web site, are to appear on,, and There will also be ads on sites devoted to news, technology and other topics; they include,, and
A vertical farm design modeled after the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles features a prominent renewable energy source: a rotating solar panel that, like a sunflower, gyrates to face the sun.
Naomi Klein is advocating a boycott on Israel. In July 2005 a huge coalition of Palestinian groups laid out plans to do just that. They called on “people of conscience all over the world to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era.” The campaign Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions–BDS for short–was born. Every day that Israel pounds Gaza brings more converts to the BDS cause, and talk of cease-fires is doing little to slow the momentum. Support is even emerging among Israeli Jews. In the midst of the assault roughly 500 Israelis, dozens of them well-known artists and scholars, sent a letter to foreign ambassadors stationed in Israel. It calls for “the adoption of immediate restrictive measures and sanctions” and draws a clear parallel with the antiapartheid struggle. “The boycott on South Africa was effective, but Israel is handled with kid gloves…. This international backing must stop.”
Consumers, particularly younger ones, who are seriously cutting back spending during the current economic downturn may be establishing new patterns of frugality that will live on after the recovery. That was one of the concerns of Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott, who yesterday kicked off the National Retail Federation’s annual convention in Manhattan. His candid comments come just weeks before he is scheduled to step down as CEO.

Pantless Subway Riders Turn Heads
Improv Everywhere, the guys that organized hundreds of people inside of Grand Central Terminal to freeze in their tracks at rush-hour, were behind the latest public display of confusion. They’re guessing they had between 1,200 and 1,500 participants for the 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride, some of which reported the overheard comments on Improv Everywhere’s site. Gothamist picks out two choice quotes: One heard an onlooker openly declare: “This is why I go on the subway; this would never happen on the bus.” While another was asked “Are you guys protesting Madoff?”

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