Social Media/ OoH: Crandon Wants to be your Facebook Friend

Town Uses Billboard to Promote Facebook Page
“Sadly, no one talks about billboards much any longer”, opines Steve Hall, “So why are we talking about the lowly billboard today? Social media, of course. After all, social media is the only thing anyone cares about these days, right? It’s big news when a billboard is used to promote a Facebook page which is exactly what Northern Wisconson’s Forest County Chamber of Commerce recently did. Located just south of Lakewood on HWY 32, travelers from Milwaukee and Chicago heading north will see the board which carries an invitation from the Crandon Chamber to ‘Become a friend of Crandon’ on Facebook.”

crandon facebook billboard

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Great Ideas: Overdue, Killed

In the likely event you had a great idea killed by a client (or an account director), take a look at the “Killed Ideas” contest. Curator and self-proclaimed iconoclast Steve Hall from AdRants will pick the best to appear in a new Blurb book Killed Ideas Volume 1.
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