Street Art: Willoughby Windows, The Knitted Convenience

Willoughby Windows: Vacant Brooklyn Block Becomes Street Art Gallery
Rather than have an entire block of empty boarded up storefronts, local arts group Ad Hoc Art and non-profit community development organization Metrotech BID partnered to transform the row of stores into a gallery for street art. Over 15 artists were invited to create site specific installations in the windows, many of which nod to the former businesses they inhabit.

willoughby windows

Sydney-based suburb of Darlinghurst recently received some of their own knitted magic from the hands of Newtown knitter Denise Litchfield. Wrapping Sydney’s oldest functional underground “heritage toilet” in Taylor Square, Litchfield started planning the project back in May 2009.
knitted convenience
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New Font, Street Art, FreeGreen, Internet Gaffes

Cool street art on manhole covers.
manhole cover
Free green home designs … FreeGreen’s goal is to “give our users house plans which simultaneously provide design and product options that meet or exceed existing third party standards, while giving users choice and options in the realm of cost, style, and environmental commitment.”
Unfortunately for Grey and for Doc Morris, not everyone thought their “Evil Sperm” ads were funny. Quite a few people thought they were racist, insensitive, offensive and inappropriate — and now those adjectives are associated with Doc Morris pharmacies in people’s heads.
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Experiential: Eyebeam, wetagyou

Eyebeam’s Reclaim the Streets
Art and technology incubator Eyebeam will be hosting an interesting series of workshops next week, that will teach how to curate instant outdoor art exhibits. Eyebeam resident artist Christina Kral will help participants reclaim the streets and incorporate street art and everyday elements into an ad-hoc outdoor exhibition. Helping to lend participants a critical eye to their neighborhoods, the program is “an exercise in public intervention, curatorial practice, documentation, and locative media”. Reclaim the Streets is free, and happens November 3, 5 & 7th at Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC

BBH has unveiled ‘Wetagyou’, a tongue-in-cheek ‘analog photo tagging platform’. Reversing the usual tagging process, where photos are taken and then tagged online, BBH asked partygoers to first tag themselves with geek speak stickers and then have their photo taken. With a choice of over 150 nonsensical tags, ranging from memelord to lolcat to pedophile, partygoers could then search for their photo at

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