Icons: Lee Clow, Marge Simpson

It seems that Agencyspy is never in short supply of TBWA drama lately. As an addendum to this morning’s news of Jason Nichols and (possibly) Joe Shands’ exits, the latest scoop from Chiat LA-la-land is that Lee Clow himself is now stepping in to sort out the Nissan/Infiniti account, leaving GCD Kerry Feuerman “relegated to retail style ads for Nissan” according to tipsters. AgencySpy is hearing that Clow is intent on “cleaning up the lackluster work of the GCD and mass exodus of top Nissan creatives because of lack of confidence.”
Lee Clow
A special edition of Playboy, celebrating 20 years of The Simpsons, goes on sale today featuring Marge Simpson on the cover, the first time the magazine has featured an animated character as a centrefold. The Playboy cover illustration is designed to emulate a famous cover from 1971, while the feature inside takes the familiar form of standard centrefold images. There is also a “handwritten” resume in which Marge lists her turn-ons as “enough saucers for your cups”, while “men who work out regularly and take care of their bodies” are included in her turn-offs.
marge simpson playboy

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Brands v Content: Bacardi, Pepsi, Kraft, Kellogg’s

Bacardi v Groove Armada
Six weeks before Groove Armada will be releasing their new EP through traditional download stores, the first track appeared Bacardi B-Live, where registered users can download it for free. They can access the second track as soon once they’ve shared the first with 20 friends. The third MP3 can be heard when the first has been shared 200 times, and the fourth when 2,000 ‘friends’ have hear the first track. Sharing is made easy by supplying users with widgets for their websites and Facebook profiles. The sharing application was launched last week and will be available until 2 March 2009.

groove armada bacardi

In a move that some viewers considered shocking, cast and crew from the Peacock Network’s venerable “Saturday Night Live” crafted three ads for Pepsi that essentially grafted mentions, cans and logos of the famous soda into three different executions of “MacGruber,” a long-running spoof of the old “MacGyver” TV series. The ads looked just like “SNL” skits but ran during commercial breaks on the Jan. 31 edition of the show. One of the ads also appeared during the recent Super Bowl. Pepsi’s ad agency, Omnicom Group‘s change-resistant TBWA/Chiat/Day, had little if any involvement in the commercials.
Kraft is “getting the b(r)and back together” and building a campaign for Crystal Light around Estelle and her upbeat song, which is centered on a special Web site (upumpitup.com). Site visitors will be able to download free copies of a full-length version of “Star” before it is available for sale in March on Web sites like Amazon and iTunes.

Kellogg’s drops Phelps after bong controversy
Kellogg’s has become the first major sponsor to end an endorsement deal with swimmer Michael Phelps, calling his behaviour “not consistent” with its image, after the News of the World published photographs of the Olympic gold medallist smoking out of a glass pipe. The US cereal manufacturer said it would not renew its contract with Phelps, which expires at the end of the month.

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