NPD: Nestle, Pot Noodle

Nestle is following a Japanese philosophy called kansei, in which products are designed to elicit certain emotional responses in consumers. Kansei focuses on how consumers feel about a product early on in the design process, and then attempts to translate those emotions into a physical form. The food company intends to use the technique on its products as well as brand packaging.
black magic kansei
As if Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy and Pot Noodle Original Curry were not enough to whet the appetites of Britain’s blokes, Unilever has revealed its pinnacle of home takeaway with a doner kebab flavour. The Doner Kebab flavour pot noodle will allow students and those pouring out from bars and clubs across the UK to recreate their favourite late-night takeaway by simply by adding boiling water.
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Brands: Power, Damage and Woolworths

Companies that lower the prices of their products during the recession may risk damaging long-term brand perceptions because suspicious consumers assume something is wrong with the product or brand if it’s being discounted, according to a study from The Futures Company.
depression advertising
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Sick: Benylin, Web 2.0

An ad for cold remedy Benylin that encourages calling in sick to work or taking “a Benylin day” when feeling ill has resulted in a formal complaint to the ASA by the Federation of Small Businesses. The Benylin TV spot advises sick workers to take a day off while a website forming part of the wider campaign offers tips on calling in sick. A spokesperson for the FSB, said the ad makes light of the seriousness of not turning up to work, claiming that work absences costs the UK economy £13bn every year. The ad shows a woman waking up in the morning feeling sick and struggling to get out of bed. A voiceover asks: “What if today you just worked at feeling better? Benylin can handle your cold and flu symptoms. The rest is up to you. Take a Benylin day.” The Benylin website also offers tips on calling in sick to work, with different scripts for formal, friendly and casual bosses. The website also offers DVD reviews, TV timetables, games and homemade remedies.
Marketing executives are going back to basics this year, putting renewed focus on satisfying and retaining customers and investing in research and insights, but they are “sick” of hearing about Web 2.0, according to a survey from Anderson Analytics conducted for the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG). The second annual Top Marketing Trends survey of MENG members examined for 2009 the top marketing concepts, buzz words, global areas of opportunity and targeted customer demographics, as well as the books and thought leaders that marketers look to for inspiration and growth opportunity. The economy played a significant role in this year’s survey as more marketers expressed concern on how a recession would impact priorities moving forward. Half of executives believe their marketing budgets will decrease in 2009, but 56% indicated their staffing plans will either stay the same or increase.
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Social Media: Get Them In

Get Them In
It may be better to give than to receive, but for those on the receiving end, there’s no doubt real-world gifts are better than virtual ones. No surprise, then, that we’re seeing the emergence of more and more ways for online friends to give each other offline presents. The latest? GetThemIn, which allows UK Facebook users to send each other real alcoholic beverages.


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