Lionel Richie v Walkers (and Lineker)

I am pretty jaded about advertising, but AMV’s effort for Walkers – featuring Crooner Lionel Richie and former England Captain Gary Lineker – is actually funny and well done.

Unlike AMV to use celebrities, I know … (irony dear reader).

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Walkers “Do Us A Flavour” Promo: Cajun Squirrel and Crispy Duck

I saw Walker’s “Do Us A Flavour” when I was in the UK last. I am a big fan of Walkers (and crisps in general) but for the most part “over” competitions of this nature; that said this one struck a chord. I even took time to enter … but by the time I looked all the good flavours had already been suggested. Now it appears that Cajun Squirrel is battling Crispy Duck…

Walkers will be offering six new crisp flavours from today including Cajun Squirrel, Crispy Duck and Builder’s Breakfast following its competition that asked the public to suggest new flavours. A team of judges, including Heston Blumenthal, the chef who invented snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream, chose six winners from more than 1m entries to its ‘Do Us a Flavour’ competition, which launched in July The six finalists, who came up with Cajun Squirrel, Crispy Duck, Onion Bhaji, Fish and Chips, Chocolate and Chilli, and Builder’s Breakfast, will each receive £10,000. The flavour which receives the most votes from the public via Walker’s website by May 1 will remain on sale while the other five will be discontinued. The eventual winner will receive £50,000 and 1% of all profits, estimated at £57,000 a year.

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