What’s Working In Digital? Apparently Not Ads or Twitter…

Most People Don’t Like Internet Ads
While internet advertisers ramp up their web advertising efforts, the majority of US consumers say they are frustrated by common types of internet ads, according to (pdf) a recent study by Harris Interactive. Pop-ups, ads that are “moused over,” difficult-to-close ads, and musical ads are some of the worst offenders. Ads that spread across the page and cover the content beneath them are the most vexing for consumers, with 80% of respondents in the study deeming these types to be very frustrating, MarketingCharts reports. Ads on which consumers can’t find the skip or close button are a close second, with 79% of respondents similarly annoyed, the survey found.
Disney Did A Survey Anyways…
Researchers at a Walt Disney Co. facility in Austin, Texas, collect biometric data from test subjects as they look at online content to detect whether their eyes move to look at ad banners and how their reaction to ads plays out in terms of temperature, facial expression, heart rate and other factors. The work is designed to provide advertisers with a way of quantifying the effectiveness of online ads beyond the click-through measure.
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Though Twitter is currently in the spotlight as a media darling, only 8% of advertisers and consumers think it’s a very effective promotion tool, according to (pdf) results from a LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll. The study also found that advertisers are more likely than consumers to know about Twitter and are more likely to believe in the microblogging tool’s future power to help promote products and services.
In the UK for the release of the latest Harry Potter movie, Warner Bros has decided to “use” Twitter. On a dedicated website Twitter users get the chance to send potions and cast spells on the people following them.
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Microsoft Stores, Black Cats, Pakistan Ads, Seth’s Ideas

Playing on the fear and paranoia, surrounding Warner Bros. has apparently sent out “individually trained black cats onto the streets of London wearing branded cat clothing bearing the title of the video game.” Blimey.
The Foreign Office is to fund a television advertising campaign in Pakistan to get across the message that Britain is not “anti-Islamic.” According to the Guardian, the £400,000 campaign, titled ‘I am the west’, will feature a number of prominent British Muslims including communities minister Sadiq Khan and run for three months.
Seth Godin is running an alternative MBA program that has, at its heart, a new vision of learning about being a businessperson. Nine participants are currently learning about entrepreneurship, freelancing and marketing in a practical, real world apprenticeship with Godin rather than going the traditional business school route. You can follow the group at the excellent SAMBA (Six Month MBA) blog, where they’ve recently come up with 999 new business ideas. The list is a testament to creative thinking that can act as a great catalyst for developing your own brilliant new ideas.
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